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FOOTBALL: What i expect in Arsenal’s transfers ?

Just My Perception

Somehow or say an inspiring win at Allianz Arena gave us our precious champions league spot, thanks to Koscielny’s  30 million goal. A lot of fans were angry on Arsenal’s last day’s celebration including many arsenal legends. First of all I would like to accept that I am not one of them. Why shouldn’t they celebrate? They had achieved near impossible target again keeping our rivals again in our shadows and in the situation when odd have been supporting them. Also this 30 million is so important for club like arsenal who doesn’t believe in spending owner’s money (*a rare thing now a days).It gave us extra money to spend, and it is believed that Arsene has 70 million in transfer kitty and he can lure players to play for champions league.

Till now arsenal’s transfer has disappointed me, I don’t want a 2011 summer transfer rush again.  So, it…

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Mikel Arteta: Better Suited as a Deep-Lying Playmaker or Tackling Midfielder?

Jake's Blog

A lot of Arsenal fans don’t quite know whether Mikel Arteta is better suited as the tackling and distributing midfielder, which he played in the 2012/13 season, or whether he is better suited as a deep lying playmaker. Throughout this piece, I hope to address some statistics which may best answer this question in which role he may be better suited to Arsenal.

Addressing the deep-lying playmaker role firstly, Arteta has the necessary capabilities to play this role effectively for Arsenal in the 2013/14 season. This role, as the name suggests, requires the player to assist in the team’s attacking forays, but they must also be able to defend stoutly in the team’s defensive structures. These are both aspects which Mikel Arteta has shown he can achieve successfully.

In the 2011/12 season, Arteta was played in a deeper role where he would veer forward assisting in Arsenal’s attack, as would…

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