Wenger Out? Does He Really Need To GO?


Enough with all the Wenger must go talk and look at whats the real problem with the worlds greatest team. The Arsenal. Our manager is putting on the pitch players with multiple caps for their respect countries. A manager can only do so much to motivate a club. It’s up to the players to get their lazy butts up and play some football. Say all you want about the type of football we play but the goals that we give up has nothing to do with that.

We give up goals because of lackluster play on the pitch from our defense across the board.
This includes our keeper. Two of the goals against Munich could have been prevented by a halfway decent effort from Szczesny.

Our captain, Tommy V, had a horrible game against Munich but lets face it he hasn’t been that great against anyone this season. As captain of this squad it is up to him to get the guys on the pitch to get their heads in the game and start playing from the start. He hasn’t been performing well at CB and at LB is not good at all. At some point you he has to stop backing up and attack the ball. Can’t consistently let the opposing play get almost into the box and let him get off an easy cross.

Mr. Mertz is not faring any better at CB than Tommy V. As a matter of fact he is worse. He goes forward a little too much for a guy with absolutely no pace what so ever and for some strange reason he likes to pass the ball to the opposing team a lot. Your huge Mertz, use that big body to inflict some fear on opposing strikers. Rough some guys up a little be the enforcer.

Bacary Sagna, what can I say about him. He has his good days and his bad. Bacary is pretty good at pushing the pace of the game on the right side. His give and go with midfielder is good but at some parts of the game he gets a brain fart and is caught out-of-place.

Lots of people talk about how we need more midfielders but I disagree with that. Our midfield is solid. Perfect hair, Santi and Jacky boy(the real captain) are good together. They play off each other well and seem to have a good relationship with each other.

Theo and Po”goal”ski are a great pair of wingers. Each with the pace to devastate a defense and the sight to make outstanding crosses. Those two are golden players. Giroud is a future Premier League star in the making. That being said we could use another WC striker to go along with him.

The Ox just needs to play more and gain some experience. His footwork is amazing and he is a future superstar.

Ramsey is not a bad player, not a good player, he is just there. Sometimes you even forget he is on the pitch. That being said, he has potential and he didn’t look to bad when we played him at LB. Maybe a future there?

Rosicky should play more often. That I do blame Wenger for. This guy has amazing footwork and some serious skills out there on the pitch that can only help us succeed in winning trophies. Can be something amazing.

Lastly Gervinho. I know your saying “who needs him” well we do. Gervinho (when playing for Ivory Coast) has swagger, style, presence, awareness and confidence. Then he comes to Arsenal and plays out of control at times. Cannot fault his effort. He will work hard out there, just makes so many mental mistakes. Maybe need to fly in some home cooking every so often.

Most of these things is not what Arsene Wenger can teach,  it’s what is already instilled in players like RVP,Henry,Cesc,Song,Eduardo etc.

The great Warren Sapp once said that if a coach has to motivate you before you get on the field, then you don’t need to be on the field in the first place. Your motivation should come from within. Wanting to achieve greatness for yourself, your club and your country.

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2 responses to “Wenger Out? Does He Really Need To GO?”

  1. buschenali says :

    quite agree with that..
    we need worldclass defender..
    out midfield is our strongest area these days..

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